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    Amy's First Blog Post
    Posted by Amy Vu

    Hello everyone! My website has officially launched. I am so excited to share my knowledge and interests with you. My site is not only based on just makeup. I wanted to add in other topics like nails, skincare, hair, photography, fashion, music, art, food and even health & fitness. All the things that I enjoy.

    My blog section is for me to share my makeup techniques. Also an "Ask Anita" to ask my favorite esthetician about skincare. Showing my behind-the-scenes, before and after clients, new products, favorite products, and special events. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with me.

    A special thank you to Dan Nguyen, my web designer, who has been an amazing and talented artist. Luckily we have the same vision. Without him this will not be possible. Also, Thank you to my friends who has always stayed positive. Supporting, encouraging and believing in me. You guys know who you are :)

    With love,

    Amy Vu